February 5, 2018


My current new project is this nicely posed and attractive Spanish pikeman of the Tercios produced by the Spanish company Scale75.

Sculpted by J. Manuel & David Gonzalez, its appearance reflects very well the determination of a veteran soldier, the backbone of the feared Tercios of the 30 Years War.

Actually the miniature is  based on one of the figurants in this famous painting 'Rocroi el último tercio' (The last Tercio) by Augusto Ferrer Dalmau, showing the last stand of the Spanish Tercio during the final stage of the Battle of Rocroi (1643).


There are 18 parts in the box, including a piece of aluminium tubing for the shaft of the pike and a small white metal base. This was my first Scale75 purchase and I have to say that I am quite satisfied with it, with all parts being casted well. All detail is there and a first quick dryfitting of the parts showed no problems whatsoever.

One remark though: in particular areas the surface of some parts is a bit rough. Also, I had the misfortune that the part of the torso with the typical armour plate was lying slightly damaged between the protective foam. Such things happen, but no worries however: a little e-mail to Scale75 sufficed to have the piece promptly replaced within a few days time. A big ten from me for the Scale75 customer's service!


The cleaning up phase progressed without too much difficulties. Some extra attention was needed to fix a few rough areas and some of the casting seams were in hard to reach places. Nothing that could not be cured with careful sanding and filing, though. Sadly enough the semispherical guard of the sabre broke off during the cleaning process (my fault!) and consequently had to be fixed again. A few carefully drilled holes, some brass wire and cyanolit glue did the job.

Ultimate dryfitting of the parts showed that there were only minor gaps showing at the waist and neck joints which had to filled with a little bit of Magic Sculpt. The rest of the parts showed a perfect fit which is no mean feat of Scale75! Next a few parts were provided with metal pegs to strengthen the bond after gluing. So were the feet to create a firm bond between the miniature and the groundwork.

More to follow soon!