September 13, 2015


(Box art by Danilo Cartacci)
A new project has been started! 

This time the subject is this 1/9 scale bust from Pegaso Models depicting a Roman Pretorian sculpted by Viktor Konnov.

There are only two parts: the torso itself and the helmeted head. Put together it has a hight of roughly 12,5 cm. The bust is cast in a light coloured resin which has a positive effect on the weight of the model. I am not a big fan of resin models, but for busts it is quite the only suited material. Simply try to imagine the weight of such a massive bloc cast in white metal and you know what I mean.

Anyway, I hate cleaning up the resin parts, the sanding dust fluttering down everywhere and sticking on everything! Luckily there were not many air bubbles to fill... 

It is the first time that I paint a bust and I have to admit that it feels completely different than painting the usual, smaller full size miniatures.

The photos below show where I stand right now after the first painting sessions in which I always establish overall shades and highlights without being too specific. The rest of the shading and highlighting will be accomplished using different glazes nicely flowing together.

The stippling effect on the breast armour was achieved with small pieces of foam dappling the fresh ly applied oil paint. In this case raw umber over a undercoat of brass acrylic paint.

Soon more...