July 28, 2015


After a long absence from all modeling things, I started now scratchbuilding a ceramic planter for the Spanish noble's groundwork.
My first idea to put in a 'ground based' plant with large leaves, did not appeal to me eventually. In my opinion, the leaves of the plant looked too artificial also. That is why I changed my mind towards the idea of a large ceramic amphora in which some sort of a tropical plant will be put. A species brought to the homeland by one of the many Spanish trader ships voyaging back and forth to the West Indies in Spain's golden age.

To build the ceramic container I started with cutting out three plasticard discs, each with a different diameter. Then these discs were all drilled in the center. Next step involved inserting a piece of brass tube throught the center holes, with the discs fixed with cyano at the convenient distance. A lenght of the brass tube protuding at the bottom allowing the amphora to be glued to the basework. At the end of this first building stage, I ended up with the basic shape and outer rim of the ceramic container (photo 1).

Next I started filling the spaces between the discs with Magic Sculpt. This had to be completed in several stages, taking care not to exceed the outer rim of the plasticard discs with too much material, each time rolling the amphora between my greased forefinger and thumb to achieve a nearly round shape (photo 2).

With the spaces between the discs completely filled and the Magic Sculpt fully cured, I fixed the roughly shaped amphora to my electrical mini drill, using the protruding end of the brass tube. The electrical drill put on at medium speed, it was then used as a primitive lathe to create the final form using abrasive paper of different coarseness (photo 3).

(photo 1)

(photo 2)

(photo 3)

With the basic shape of the amphora achieved, next stages will involve adding a rounded top edge and adding other details. And filling the container with a nice plant of course...

Soon to be followed!