February 16, 2015



Romulus first King of Rome - 753 BC
Art Girona - Ref. H-37
54 mm - Metal
Sculpted by Adriano Laruccia
Box art painted by Jesus Gamarra



If you are interested in antiquity, then the Serie Historical of Spanish manufacturer Art Girona is a real goldmine of extremely fine miniatures in 54 mm, covering a nice collection of famous historical personalities. Chiefly responsible for the success of this range is master sculptor Adriano Laruccia, who can be considered as one the best of its trade. Mr. Laruccia is amongst others a real specialist of Roman subjects and he has earned his laurels already with many miniatures developed for the Italian company SGF-Soldiers.

Another fine release in the aforemensioned Art Girona range is this representation of the mythical Romulus, founder and first king of Rome. Mr. Laruccia chose to depict Romulus with the typical early Italic bronze helmet, armour and weapons, that can be attributed to the mysterious Etruscans, Rome's influencial neighbours.

There are 13 nicely cast parts in the kit with minimal moulding lines. The amount of detail that the sculptor incorporated can be called extraordinary, and it is a real proof of his tremendous craftsmanship. For instance, look at the helmet and shield with the countless raised details. As with all Laruccia 's miniatures, the face is finely sculpted too.

Testfitting showed no problems, but with the construction of the cloak you will need to take care as it is composed out of three single parts. In order to add some strenght to the joints, there is no alternative than to pin the parts before glueing; an operation that will have to be executed cautiously. Moreover, to facilitate accessibility, it is best not to fix the cloak before the main body of the miniature has been painted. 

A very nice adding to any collection covering Roman antiquity. Highly recommended.

And now it is time to enjoy some photos of the mouthwatering box art painting by Mr. Jesús Gamarra here below!


© Art Girona - Painted by Jesus Gamarra

© Art Girona - Painted by Jesus Gamarra

© Art Girona - Painted by Jesus Gamarra

© Art Girona - Painted by Jesus Gamarra

© Art Girona - Painted by Jesus Gamarra

© Art Girona - Painted by Jesus Gamarra