February 12, 2015



Oscan hoplite - Campania - 5th century BC
Alexander Miniatures - Ref. AM75-06
75 mm - Metal
Sculpted by Yuri Serebryakov
Box art painted by Danilo Cartacci



The Alexander Miniatures company based at Caserta (Italy) stopped production a few years ago. A real pity as it had many interesting miniatures in its ranges.

In my opinion one of its most beautiful releases was this 75 mm reproduction of an Oscan hoplite of the 5th century BC. Not surprisingly given the fact that it was sculpted by the talented Yuri Serebriakov. As usual the box art painting by the hands of master Danilo Cartacci makes everything complete.

Together with the Samnites and the Latins, the Oscans were an old people living on the Italian peninsula. In the course of history all were overwhelmed and assimilated by ruthless Roman expansion.

As I never had been able to lay my hands on a copy of this miniature, I was rather excited to see it appear at the trader stand of Steve Kirtley during the 2014 Euro Militaire event at Folkestone. Needless to say that I did not hesitate to open my wallet and make my 'catch of the weekend'.

It was only after arriving at my home back in Belgium that I could open  the box for a first inspection tour. I was really thrilled to find 14 superbly sculpted parts between the pieces of protective foam. The helmet stands as a masterpiece on its own and it consists of no less than 6 parts with its metal wings, plumes and crest. No doubt that the glueing of these delicate parts will be a bit fidly. The peculiar trefoil body armour with the three distinct discs in relief is also one of the focal points of this miniature.

All parts are extremely well casted with no or very light moulding lines. If this was the general standard of the Alexander Miniatures, then one can state that the disappearance of this company is a real loss for the historical miniature world.


© Alexander Miniatures - Painted by Danilo Cartacci

© Alexander Miniatures - Painted by Danilo Cartacci

© Alexander Miniatures - Painted by Danilo Cartacci

© Alexander Miniatures - Painted by Danilo Cartacci