November 6, 2014


Finally and after a long absence from modelling, I am able to show the complete but unpainted groundwork for the Spanish noble. All is made up of Magic Sculp, Milliput Terracotta, Polyfilla (a ready to use filler), plasticard and lead foil.

The wall section started as a piece of plasticard cut to the right size. Then it was coated with thin layers of the Magic Sculp which was fashioned to a stony appearance using small pebbles and a toothbrush. As such the wall was built up 'stone by stone' with the interspaces repointed with the Milliput Terracotta.

The road was also made with individual slabs of Magic Sculp with the antique worn look accomplished by rubbing a stiff toothbrush in the fresh putty. The interspaces where grouted with the Polyfilla mortar which dries to a rough, grey surface ideally suited to simulate a sandy soil. Small rubble was pressed in the still wet mortar, which was then additionally moistened with a watery wood glue solution to asure a good bond. To finish some tufts of static grass was added.

The plant was cut from lead foil with fine copper wire ribs. I choose a tropical looking plant with large leaves which adds to the athmosphere of the hotter climate in Spain or the West Indies.

This is a project that keeps dragging on and on. In the meanwhile I have fixed the cloak which still needs the ultimate shading and highlighting before I am ready to tackle the pattern that will adorn the outside.

On these last two photos I have put the miniature temporarily in place to give an idea of the final composition.

Stay tuned for more...