June 23, 2013


Having not been able to model for quite a while due to some work around the house, today I have made a start on the groundwork for the Spanish Noble project.

Because I want to put the miniature in front of a section of a wall I used this photo of a 17th century building as an example for the typical masonry. 

First I made a drawing with the right measurements suiting the size/scale of the miniature. This scetch gives a good idea of the intended and final look. Then I cut out a piece of plasticard with the same measurements. To cut the round bow I used my old compass fitted with the steel pin to scribe through the plasticard. This is very easy and it gives really a perfect round cut.

On the photo here below you can see the preliminary scetch, the cut out piece of plasticard and the aforementioned compass.

Due to an optical distorsion, it looks as if the angles of the plasticard base are
not square. In real life this is not the case, however! 

In the next stage the back of the plasticard will be reinforced with thick square rod. Then the actual masonry will be build up with thinly rolled out slabs of Magic Sculp. 

The lines on the plasticard base (drawn with a hard pencil) will be aiding to keep the lines of the masonry level and square during the actual sculpting.

Soon more...