April 16, 2013



Maya warrior - 15th century
Pegaso Models - Ref. 75/053
75 mm - Metal
Sculpted by Andrea Jula
Box art by Pietro Balloni



A nice figure based on the main bad guy Zero Wolf in the 2006 Mel Gibson movie Apocalypto, a character performed by Raoul Trujillo.

As such it is not a real historical figure but merely a Hollywood interpretation of a Maya warrior. Apocalypto was received well by the audiences and film critics but it was burned to the ground by historians. No doubt that the true historical figure enthusiasts will discard this Pegaso Models miniature for the same reasons too. To be honest, since I am unable to sculpt myself - at least a full figure - a while ago I stopped worrying too much about historical correctness. That is why I just bought this miniature for what it is: a great looking figure with lots of detail and weathering potential. But that is just me of course.

Quality wise there is nothing to be critisized. Casting lines are really minimal. All detail is nice and crisp. Some of the smaller parts will need carefull gluing, i.e. the animal skull serving as a headdress and the jawbones fastened on the left upper arm. The hatchet and the sheated knife worn on the back are really finely rendered parts as the pics testify. If you do not want to be hampered during the painting stage, I suggest to leave these parts off  until the main body has been finished. The same applies to the loin cloth since this piece is covering part of the legs. Of course you do have to keep this in mind during the highlighting and shading of the upper legs as the loin cloth casts its shadow on this area.

Being a miniature in a full action pose, it is a good idea that the left leg has been reinforced with a sturdy nail since it is the figure's only support once it is finished and put on the base. In that respect I think that it is also best to integrate the base plate offered in the kit into the ground work, adding the necessary extra strenght to the supporting leg.

Obviously the painting of the skintone will be challenging as there is a lot of bare flesh. And you better start practicing to paint all the freehand designs too (tatoos and loin cloth). As this is clearly a figure in an action pose, the weathering certainly needs including some blood also. Sergey Popovichenko's version of this Maya warrior will show you the way how to do this in a convincing manner. When it comes to adding blood, grime and dirt on a figure, it is really hard to surpass Sergey.

This is an extremely nice item in the Pegaso range. Being an exotic subject the possibilities regarding the groundwork are manifold going from jungle plants to including a nice representational piece of Mayan art.

Highly recommended.


© Pegaso Models - Painted by Pietro Balloni

© Pegaso Models - Painted by Pietro Balloni

© Pegaso Models - Painted by Pietro Balloni

© Pegaso Models - Painted by Pietro Balloni