April 8, 2013



French Zouave - 1866-1885
Pegaso Models - Ref. 75/068
75 mm - Metal
Sculpted by Carl Reid
Box art painted by Massimo Pasquali



I believe this is Carl Reid's first and only full figure sculpted for Pegaso Models. I love it when a figure is based on an actual painting or illustration and with this miniature I got what I wanted cause Carl Reid used this aquarel, done by the French illustrator Victor Armand Poirson, as an example.
Zouave by Victor Armand Poirson

And what a stunner it is, also thanks to Massimo Pasquali's paint job for the box art of course. For me this figure is a fantastic representation of these French Zouaves reknowed for their valour and ferocity in battle. The pose reflecting the quiet but proud determination of a veteran soldier who has seen his share of fighting, gaining fame and glory in conflicts such as the Crimean War (i.e. the battle for Fort Malakoff). Mission more than accomplished, Mr. Reid!

It is getting boring, I know, but as usual all parts are nicely cast by the Pegaso production unit. In my experience, Pegaso Models miniatures can be bought with your eyes shut. They really never have let me down in the past regarding casting quality.

The torso and legs are cast partly hollow, probably to reduce cost (or weight), but this does not affect or compromise the fit of these parts in any way. I must say that I rather have parts to be cast solidly, though. I always drill corresponding holes in the matching parts to strenghten their glued joint with brass rod. Consequently, now I will have to fill up these parts again with Magic Sculp to make this possible.

Overall the fitting of parts is just excellent with really minimal flash and casting lines. On my copy the facial features are a bit soft though, so it will need a careful and well-calculated placing of highlights and shadows to bring them out properly.

There is a lot to paint too since the zouave's personal kit and armament consists of no less than 7 parts. Except from the big pack and the rifle, I probably will glue all of these parts prior to painting. They all cast some shadows onto the figure which need to be taken into account during the painting process. And by gluing these pieces in advance, one also avoids the risk of spilling some glue on the painted areas.

I look forward to paint the colourfull uniform of these Zouave regiments with its special piping on the short jacket. Regimental distinction is made by the colour of the false pockets (in French these are called 'tombeaux'), so - and I stand to be corrected here - one can paint them red for the first, white for the second or yellow for the third regiment.
Massimo Pasquali chose to paint the baggy trousers in white which was the colour of the summer outfit, their 'normal' colour being red however.

Another Pegaso Models figure I can commend without any hesitation. I sincerely hope that they will sustain their coöperation with sculptor Carl Reid, as this is obviously a well-working combination. I am also sure that to produce other historical minis from the war in the Crimea up to the Franco-Prussian War in 75 mm would prove to be highly successful too.


© Pegaso Models - Painted by Massimo Pasquali

© Pegaso Models - Painted by Massimo Pasquali

© Pegaso Models - Painted by Massimo Pasquali

© Pegaso Models - Painted by Massimo Pasquali