February 8, 2018


Going on with the recently started Spanish Pikeman project...


After the cleaning up stage and before the primer was applied on the miniature, I started building up the groundwork.

First a nice wooden base of a suitable dimension was chosen, after which the position of the miniature on the base was determined. Some balsa wood was used to create an elevation, and so adding more interest to the future scenery. Then holes were drilled to receive the pegs protuding at the underside of the miniature's feet. To ensure a stable fit the feet of the miniature were also pressed in little blobs of Magic Sculpt. One point of attention here: the miniature is leaning slightly backwards to compensate for the weight of the long and rather weighty pike. It is important that the stance intended by the sculptor is not lost in the process!

The groundwork itself was created with a ready to use filler from Polyfilla, which was spread out all over the surface with an old, wetted brush. In the still wet material, little rocks and stones were pressed to make for an interesting and varying scene. Later, when the filler was dry, static grass and other material simulating vegetation was sprinkled on and secured with a water and white glue solution. These come from Fredericus Rex and Reality in Scale amongst others, but are also 'booty' picked up from the ground in parks, woods and streets.

Having enjoyed the Spanish movie Alatriste (2006) starring Viggo Mortensen, I see some opportunities regarding the colour palette that can be used to paint this miniature and the way it can be weathered and tied to the groundwork. But that will become clear in the next posts.

To be continued soon!